Averett Athletics Set to Begin Play in the ODAC


Heaven Easton, Staff Writer



                                                                                                          On July 1, 2022, Averett University became a full-time member of the Old Dominion Athletic Conference (ODAC). Averett University


has been a part of the USA South Conference for over 10 years.

The ODAC was created in 1975 and consists of institutions in Virginia and one in North Carolina. The ODAC has held over 70 NCAA Division III championships in athletics since 1993. 

“I believe moving to the ODAC will actually increase recruits because we are a part of a bigger conference, in which we can start to expand athletics in things such as gear, equipment, and facilities,” said Sam Braswell, men’s wrestling assistant coach, said.

Averett’s move to the ODAC should definitely increase the number of recruits they have because of the ODAC being well known for its NCAA Division III championships.

Women’s Basketball Coach, Ric Yarbrough both agree that team travel will not change drastically and will be about the same as usual. 

“Athletes like me feel as though playing against better competition will be a much better opportunity for us to get better. It makes you better and stronger,” Jaa Brown, a rising sophomore on the women’s basketball team, said.’’  “If you are beating the competition, your confidence will go up.”

 The Women’s Basketball Team will be starting a new journey this year with 12 incoming freshmen and 4 returners so this should definitely be a huge turn for them. Assistant Coach Ric Yarbrough feels as though this is a golden opportunity for this program to turn the corner.

When we made the announcement last year that it was happening I think the entire department and student-athletes felt this was going to be a stronger conference and help us grow,” Danny Miller, deputy director of athletics, said.”I believe our teams will be able to compete well and the more you play tough teams the stronger you get as well so this is a huge positive.”