Valentines Day: Ideas to Spread the Love

Denerio Robinson Jr., Staff Writer

Have you figured out where you wanted to take your significant other for Valentine’s Day? Do you want to get them a gift? 


Valentine’s Day is a holiday for love birds. It is not considered a public holiday due to schools still being open, but it is still a holiday. I took time to ask one of the well known couples here on campus, Ike Sharper and Genesis Weiters, some tips on how to enjoy Valentine’s Day. 

I started off by asking them, what are some good gifts to get your significant other for Valentine’s Day?

“For starters, you can go with the basics like stuffed animals and jewelry,” Ike said.

“I know that us girls like flowers. You can’t go wrong with flowers,” added in Genesis.

I next questioned, Is it okay to just go grab food and sit and watch movies all day? “Of course! We do that all the time,” Genesis shouted.

The final question I asked was, do you guys think Valentine’s Day is only for the ladies? “Not at all. I do feel like ladies try to make it all about them though,” Genesis said. Ike agreed with what she said.