Students Prepare for December Graduation

Jake Braun, Staff Writer

On December 11, at 1 pm at Averett’s North Campus seniors who are finishing mid year will receive their diplomas. Students have been working for the past four years to make this huge accomplishment. For some it’s a time to reflect back on their first year at Averett.

“I chose Averett because I got to play baseball and I liked how small the school was so you can get more involved with professors and tutors whenever you need help with anything,” Mackenzie Rexrode, a physical education, and coaching major, said. 

Many graduates acknowledge the ways that they have grown from the experience.

Being able to attend college and play baseball has helped me grow as a person and mature, which has helped me succeed,” Rexrode said.

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Since the event will be held outdoors in Frank R. Campbell Stadium, each graduate will be given five tickets for their guests. If students decide to not attend the graduation ceremony the diploma will be mailed out after the week of December eleventh.

Rexrode, who plans to coach high school after graduation, urges the students who will come after him to make friends during their four years.

 “My advice to students coming into Averett is to be prepared to know everyone. Especially if you play a sport, it’s like one team with 24 teams,” Rexrode said. 

In December the seniors will walk across the stage and get their diploma to start their new careers. Students and faculty will miss the seniors and appreciate all they leave behind.