Welcoming Our New Director of Counseling: Jennifer Wagstaff

Laquelle Charlton, Staff Writer

Ms. Jennifer Wagstaff has been a mental health counselor at colleges for many years. She has spent ten of those years as a counselor at Virginia Tech, after receiving her Ph.D. from the school (Virginia Tech). 

A personal tragedy lead her into the counseling field. After a tragic boating accident that took the life of her two brothers, Wagstaff found it very hard to cope with the loss. The accident occurred right before she was supposed to leave for her freshman year of college, but Wagstaff decided she didn’t want to leave home. Thankfully, her mother sent her off to Mary Crest College. The student counselor is the reason why she got past the loss and carried on in life. If it wasn’t for the counselor she doesn’t know where she would’ve been.

Wagstaff found it extremely helpful and pursued her bachelor’s and master’s in counseling. This is why she chose this career path. Because she understands how hard life can get and college doesn’t make it any easier. She is here to guide students on their short journey at Averett University.

Wagstaff wants students to know that they can come to her for any and everything. It doesn’t even have to be a problem. A listening ear is better than a wall. She is here to provide a safe place for all. She also has a sense of humor. 

Due to Wagstaff’s family relocating she wanted to find somewhere closer to home and luckily Averett had an open spot. 

Besides work Wagstaff enjoys outdoor activities like camping and canoeing but she also has a passion for cooking and loves growing vegetables and herbs in her garden.