Seniors Offer Exam Study Tips

JaCorey Burley, Writer

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The end of the semester is here and exams are underway.  Seniors, who’ve had success in the classroom, are happy to offer their advice to help underclassman ace their exams.

Senior Desmond Springs who had his success in the classroom achieving a semester high 4.0-grade point average and cumulative of a 3.34 suggests to an underclassman,

“Finding a quiet place is the key, and also eliminating distractions, The best place for this would be like the Library or Success Center.”

The Success Center and Library are premiere spots to study and really get into a zone while finishing your assignments because being in your room will be a distraction because you are tempted to watch that next episode on Netflix.  

Senior Alixis Roccia, who has won several academic awards including here most recent NCAA Google Cloud Academic All-District 1st Team achievement emphasizes to underclassmen and fellow seniors while having a heavy study load you should, “ Take breaks don’t try and overload yourself studying it ten times in a row.”

Getting a consistent schedule will help throughout the day and you will be prepared for all your exams and projects. It’s important to,  “cross the T’s and dot the I’s” as the semester closes and you take one step closer to graduation.

A few more tips mentioned by Desmond and Alixis were:

  • Take breaks doing something you enjoy
  • Study with classmates & friends talking through the information and teaching one another
  • Operate in time increments giving yourself time for every assignment so nothing gets left off unfinished

As the last day of class approaches best of the luck to all and Congratulations to our Seniors.

Have a Great Summer!

Senior Desmond Spring, Athletic Training Major, and Football Player give time management advice for reading day.

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