How Will Vape Law Changes Affect Virginia

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How Will Vape Law Changes Affect Virginia

Eddie Glenn Jr., Writer

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Over the past 10 years “vaping,” or the use of e-cigarettes, has become extremely popular. Some use it as a form to try and curb their urge to smoke real cigarettes, some use it just to look cool.

Since e-cigarettes have only recently become popular, lawmakers all over the world have had to really scramble and try to figure out what’s right as far as age, and other restrictions, go.

The old rules state that the sale/distribution of nicotine vapor products to persons under age 18 prohibited; the purchase/possession of nicotine vapor product by person under age 18 prohibited; the mail order and internet sales of nicotine vapor products require verification that purchaser is over age 18 at time of purchase and signature of recipient over age 18 at time of delivery.

However, a bill was just passed in Virginia by Gov. Ralph Northam that raises the age to purchase all nicotine vapor products to the age of 21. While this may seem like a great rule, there is some push back from users under the age of 21 who have been vaping for the past few years.

“I don’t see why the change is needed,” Will Ashworth, an Averett junior, said. “We aren’t hurting anyone and I just feel like the 3 year age change is only going to make those who aren’t 21 get their friends who are 21 to buy what they need for them.”

The change comes after a huge rise in the use of vapes. Thirty-seven percent of high schoolers used vapes in 2018, which was an increase from 27% in 2017.

Just over 20% of 8th graders had vaped in their lifetime. With drastic increases like these, the lawmakers had no choice but to make changes to try and curve the use of those who are underage.

It is still yet to be seen the consequences of the change in the law, and really it has yet to be seen the consequences of consistent use of a vape. Only time will tell the effects of these changes, and if they will be good or not.