Students Split on President Trump

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Students Split on President Trump

Like many Americans, students have conflicting opinions on President Donald Trump.

Like many Americans, students have conflicting opinions on President Donald Trump.

Like many Americans, students have conflicting opinions on President Donald Trump.

Like many Americans, students have conflicting opinions on President Donald Trump.

Garrett Haskins, Writer

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Most college students are too busy doing assignments or having fun to take notice of politics. Political events aren’t known to be aimed toward younger audiences, but with the growing role social media plays in the spread of news and information politics are becoming unavoidable. The President of the United States, Donald Trump, uses social media as one of his main forms of communicating his new policies.

Social media has gotten younger members of society involved in politics. Politics, especially national politics, are broadcast everywhere imaginable. Younger people are beginning to become involved in politics.

Many younger individuals are forming more informed opinions on politics, especially the president, and many of them are vocal on their opinions. Many students here at Averett are vocal of their opinion of the president and the policies that he and his colleagues propose.

Much of the news that younger people get is through various forms of social media. Freshman Shay Brumbles and Sophomore Christopher Updegraff get their news from multiple forms of social media.

“All of the news that I see is on social media,” Brumbles said.

“I get my news from people like Steven Crowder, Ben Shapiro, and PragerU,” Updegraff said.

Many of the president’s positions on policy are controversial. His plans for a physical barrier on the Southern border of the United States have been met with skepticism and criticism from his political opponents and with support from his political following and his colleagues in Washington, DC.

The president’s approval among younger individuals is not favorable. Many younger Americans are opposed to his policies.

Many students at Averett do not have favorable opinions of the president. Brumbles thinks that President Trump is not doing well in office.

“I think that he is doing terrible with his plans to build the wall,” Brumbles said. “I don’t see the point of the wall. Why not build a wall on the border with Canada as well?”

Not all students here at Averett share the same opinion with her. Updegraff thinks that President Trump has had a successful time in office.

“He [Trump] is taking steps to put the United States in the right direction,” Updegraff said. “He has pulled us from the Paris Agreement, which I think is a step in the right direction.”

Many individuals share their political beliefs with their immediate family and friends. There is an increasing amount of people that don’t share their political views with their immediate family. That is not the case for Brumbles and Updegraff.

“I have the same views as my Mom and Dad,” Brumbles said .

“My Dad, Aunt, Uncle and me all have the same opinions on stuff,” Updegraff said .

President Trump’s statements and policies are very divisive. There is very little middle ground on the issues surrounding his presidency. Doctor Joshua Sperber, a professor of history and political science at Averett, provided some insight on this.

“Trump has deliberately projected an antagonistic posture, so regardless of some policy similarities between his and previous administrations, it is not surprising that he has been divisive. His ‘Make America Great Again’ slogan may be inspiring to some, but it brings up the question of whose perspective Trump is adopting. For instance, US history has frequently not been great for Native Americans, African Americans, women and others,” Sperber said.

The divisiveness of current politics is known and acknowledged by both sides. With all of the conflict surrounding Trump and his policies, Updegraff has a message of encouragement for the president.

“If I could say anything to Trump, I would tell him to continue to build the wall no matter what his opponents say or do.”